shore cd
Album release, december 2013.
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"The album elicits images in the mind's eye with arresting clarity. Riksheim's chord progressions are hardly ever predictable, and yet, always seem fitting and intuitive at the same time. The uncanny ability of “Shore” to swoop up the imagination and fly it away to the past, to the future, to seas uncharted and lands beyond the edge of the world, is rooted more than somewhat in the inspirations that guided Riksheim in composing it" (S. McCauley).

"It is not often that something new and interesting happens in Norway. But, a new CD is out. Another black metal band, you say. No. Not at all. This is electronic jazz. "SHORE" by Tor Arne Riksheim, and old telco engineer. No, a programmer. Eh, electronics engineer? Photographer! Well, anyway, now he makes music. Excellent music. Get the CD. Really" (J. A. Ramsli).

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